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Our aim is to help you and your family achieve healthy and beautiful smiles for life.

The anatomy of a SMILE

“The anatomy of the smile is an integral part of dentistry. Its understanding involves close scrutiny of all elements of the oral region. It is not enough to establish the size of teeth based on the high and low lip lines, size of the mouth, and a shade to blend with the age and complexion. To create a harmonious smile the dentist must maintain or create the normal curvature of the lips, proper exposure of the red zone of the lips, an undistorted philtrum, and undisturbed nasolabial grooves. These entities, maintained in harmony with the exposed teeth, constitute the anatomy of a smile. In order that patients may be served properly, the smile must be understood, recorded, and analysed so that desirable aspects may be preserved and graceless components returned to attractiveness.” – Journal of Prosthodontic Dentistry Feb 1978.

The above article written in 1978 shows us that, the smile has been studied and analysed for decades (if not centuries). This truly reflects the mission of our practice.

Who we are

We are passionate about providing dental care that will make a difference to your oral health, your smile, and your general wellbeing.

Choosing the right dentist whom you trust and connect with is very important. When you come to us, we will take the time to listen to you, to understand your problems and needs, to provide you with solutions, and to educate you, so that you may have your best smile ever… for the longest possible time!

Aperture Dental Practice is where science meets art meets heart. We want to do good by you. Our mission is to:

  • provide exceptional quality dental care
  • strive towards outstanding customer service
  • exceed expectations in everything we do

We invite you to test us on this, and give us your feedback so that we can continually improve ourselves.

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