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Finding a dentist, you can trust in Acacia Ridge, Algester, Eight Mile Plains, Springwood or Underwood

At Aperture Dental Practice, we understand how most patients view a trip to the dentist. If you are like the average person, you think of a dental check-up or appointment as daunting, inconvenient, uncomfortable or even scary. In fact, most people find the prospect of going to the dentist so unappealing that they will avoid it or put it off for as long as possible—only increasing the likelihood of cavities, plaque build-up and other common dental concerns.

When you visit Aperture Dental—a dentist serving Acacia Ridge, Algester, Eight Mile Plains, Springwood and Underwood—our first goal is to subvert your preconceived notions about dental care. Indeed, when you make an appointment here, you will not have to worry about an uncomfortable or uneasy experience. Dr Erik Fung, our lead dentist, has created a practice that is clean, modern and comfortable so that you get the positive experience at the dentist that you never thought you’d have.


If you are looking for a new dentist in Underwood, Algester, Eight Mile Plains or any other local area, you may be wondering about what truly sets Aperture Dental Practice apart from the competition. Specifically, what makes us a more modern or comfortable dentist than other practices in the Springwood or Underwood areas?

One of our most important and most modern amenities is something that we affectionately refer to as ‘the Wand.’ The Wand is the machine that we use to administer local anaesthetic, ahead of more major dental procedures. The machine administers the anaesthetic very slowly, and is among the industry’s most pain-free method for doing so. It lends a gentle touch to our procedures, and is especially ideal for kids who have not gone under anaesthesia before.

If you are looking for the most kid-friendly dentist in Eight Mile Plains or Acacia Ridge, then you will also appreciate the kids play area we have in our office. Whether you have a personal appointment and need to bring your child along or want your kids to have a reason to enjoy dentist appointments rather than dread them, our fun kids room will help!

Perhaps the most unique of our amenities is the television installed on the ceiling of the dentist’s chair. We believe that dental procedures are easier for both doctor and patient if you have something to take your mind off the procedure itself. With our ceiling TV, you can watch anything you like during your procedure—from cartoons, to comedies, to soap operas to full-length motion pictures. We can also play music for you, if you prefer.


Whether you are searching for a dentist in Springwood, Underwood, Eight Mile Plains, Acacia Ridge or Algester, you deserve a modern practice that will treat you like family and give you the kind of gentle, comfortable treatment that will change your conception of dental appointments. At Aperture Dental Practice, it is our mission to do all of that and much more! If you are interested in learning more about us, then stop by our website today at

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