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Tooth Extractions and Oral Surgery Sunnybank Hills

Tooth Extraction and Oral Surgery at Aperture Dental Practice


Teeth give us our facial structure and are supported firmly by our gums and jawbones. We use our teeth to speak, bite, chew and break down our food into very tiny particles that provide nutrition and strength to our body, and help us go about our daily lives.

This is the reason why our teeth are vitally important and we need to take very good care of them because they are responsible for the daily functioning of our body. Unless your tooth cannot be saved, tooth extraction should be the very last resort to turn to!

Extractions are indicated for the following reasons:

  1. An infected tooth is too broken down and will be too difficult to restore.
  2. A decision has been made to take the tooth out, instead of a root canal treatment
  3. Severe gum disease causing swelling/pain in the area, or the tooth has become loose.
  4. The tooth is growing in unfavourable direction, causing trauma or infections (e.g. wisdom teeth)
  5. Space is needed for braces.
  6. Severe tooth decay or an abscess has formed.
  7. There is food trapped in the tooth.
  8. Crowding of the teeth.

Before an extraction…

Any tooth we remove will always require an x-ray before the procedure. It is also our policy to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during the extraction and will aim to numb the tooth and the extraction area as much as we can. We will never proceed if you feel pain or discomfort with any procedure!

During an extraction…

After the affected area is numbed and there is no feeling or pain in that area, the dentist will then try to loosen the tooth by moving it back and forth. When it is loose enough, a pair of forceps and levers is used to gently remove and pull the tooth out.

After an extraction…

Once the tooth is removed the dentist will clean and wash out the affected area and remove any infected tissue or fragments that could have remained behind during the procedure.

Once the procedure is complete the dentist will advise you on what precautions to take while the healing process takes place and recommend that you eat foods that are soft foods, for example, pasta, rice, ice-cream, mash potatoes, soup, and yogurt.

Surgical extraction

A surgical extraction may be indicated if the tooth is too broken down, or the root form does not allow a straight forward removal. This usually involves removing the tooth in several pieces, raising a flap from the gums and/or shaving off the bone that holds the tooth in.

This normally requires some stitches to close the surgical area to help with faster healing and stopping the bleeding. Pain killers and antibiotics are usually prescribed.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are normally the last set of teeth to develop and are located at the back of your mouth on your upper and lower jaw. In some cases, the development and growth of the wisdom teeth may cause some discomfort and would need to be removed.

What indication is there that wisdom teeth need extracting?

  1. When the wisdom teeth are misaligned during the developing stages.
  2. When there is a lack of space behind existing molars that may affect the growth of the wisdom teeth.
  3. When wisdom teeth could damage existing teeth while they are growing.
  4. When your gums become sensitive and painful because the wisdom teeth are trapped within them

Wisdom tooth extraction

Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. The main risk in removing lower wisdom teeth is the possibility of damaging the nerve that supplies the sensation to the lower lip and chin. This is why x-rays are especially important here to assess the proximity of the nerve to the tooth.

Wisdom teeth also have variable eruption angles and root shape which can complicate the procedure. A proper assessment should always be done before the tooth is removed. If the procedure looks too difficult, you may need to be referred to an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon, who specialises in oral surgery.

Extraction and Oral Surgery Sunnybank Hills

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