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Affordable, professional dentists in Sunnybank

Having a healthy smile has been linked an overall healthier body. To ensure that you have healthy teeth and gums, you need to regularly visit our dentists in Sunnybank.

You receive high quality service from experienced professionals at an affordable, competitive price with Aperture Dental Practice. We offer no gap check-up, cleaning, and x-rays from any health fund. If you do not have a private health fund, we still keep our prices affordable so most people can benefit from our services. You do not have to compromise the quality of your care with our dentists in Sunnybank.


You can sit comfortably in our modern dentist’s chairs and watch the television on the ceiling. We use the Wand, a new way to administer anaesthetic without any pain.

Additionally, we use digital X-rays and intra oral cameras, which make it easy for our patients to see and understand the dental problems they may have. Aperture Dental Practice also uses the latest technology and techniques for root canal therapy and other procedures to reduce any associated discomfort.

With a dedicated discussion room, we provide you with a space to make decisions regarding whether or not to proceed with proposed procedures.

We will educate you with all the options and the price so that you can make the most informed decisions. Our experienced and skilled dentists in Sunnybank also make it easy to schedule an appointment by opening early on select days and remaining open late on others.

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